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Where Did Rhode Island Red Chickens Originate?

rhode island red hen

As one of America’s most well-known chicken breeds, the Rhode Island Red is at the top of the list. The Rhode Island Red chicken breed is well-known for its distinctive appearance and has been a favorite among chicken owners for its prolific egg production as well as its meat.

But have you ever paused when hearing the name of this breed, “Rhode Island Red” and wonder where the name of these chickens came from? Was it in fact Rhode Island?

Well here’s a little history and background on this ever so popular backyard chicken breed as well as where the name Rhode Island Red originated.

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Where Did Rhode Island Red Chickens Originate?

Isaac Champlin Wilbour, a prominent chicken promoter, described the Rhode Island Red as practical, profitable, and prolific in 1890. They are still living up to that reputation over a century later.

How did these magnificent birds come to be?

In 1854, chicken enthusiast William Tripp began a series of poultry breeding experiments.

Tripp was a captain who sailed between England and New Bedford, Rhode Island on a regular basis. His ships carried chickens on board to provide meat and eggs for the trip.

During one of these voyages, Tripp met another English sailor who was transporting a red Malaysian rooster aboard his ship.

Tripp was immediately captivated by the magnificent bird. He bought the rooster and released it to breed with the hens in his flock at home.

Tripp was ecstatic with the results of his first cross-breeding attempts. As a result, the chickens tasted better and laid more eggs. Tripp began breeding his birds with his friend’s birds in order to continue his experiment.

The men were able to refine the qualities they desired while also preventing inbreeding through the selection process.

A New Chicken Breed Was Born

The new Rhode Island Red breed of chicken drew the attention of other chicken farmers as it was refined and improved. The new chicken breed was dubbed “The Macomber” or “Tripp’s Fowl” at the time.

On one of Tripp’s return trips to Rhode Island, renowned American chicken farmer Isaac Champlin Wilbour purchased his first Rhode Island Red.

Wilbour was constantly looking for ways to improve his flock. He bought Tripp’s Fowl and began his own crossbreeding program. The Shanghai, Java, and Brown Leghorn chicken breeds were crossed to create the modern Rhode Island Red chicken.

Wilbour was instrumental in the development of the Rhode Island Red that we know today. He developed a chicken that is excellent for meat and lays a lot of large, brown eggs.

Another significant advantage of this breed being cultivated in New England was that it produced hardy birds that could withstand harsh weather.

The Different Strains of Rhode Island Red Chickens

Within the Rhode Island Red breed, two strains have been developed: industrial and heritage. Heritage is known for its egg production but not for its meat. Industrial birds are smaller and less colorful.

The Livestock Conservancy, which works to preserve heritage breeds, has placed non-industrial strains of Rhode Island Red on its “watch” list. Their concern is that the “old type” or heritage, which is larger and darker and more broody, is dwindling in number as the breed evolves to meet industry standards.

A breed on the watch list has fewer than 2,500 birds registered in the United States and fewer than 10,000 registered worldwide.

Reasons to Raise Rhode Island Reds Chickens

  1. Rhode Island Reds are the most popular chicken breed due to their high egg production. This is a breed to consider if you need a consistent source of eggs.
  2. These birds can survive in any environment. These chickens do well in heat and cold if you provide a good source of shelter, food, and water.
  3. There are no health concerns with the Rhode Island Reds. The hardy ancestors of the Rhode Island Red produced a breed of chicken that receives an A+ for health.
  4. Rhode Island is number four. Red chickens will add a splash of color to your flock. Their rich red tones and large stature add a splash of color to any flock.
  5. Consider the Rhode Island Red if you want chickens with great personalities. These friendly chickens will keep you entertained with their love of life and antics.

Rhode Island Red Facts

OriginDeveloped by crossing the Java and Brown Leghorn chicken breeds.
TemperamentDocile and Active
Egg ColorBrown
Egg SizeLarge
Egg Production200-300 eggs per year
WeightHen: 6 1/2 lbs
Rooster: 8 1/2 lbs
Pullet: 5 1/2 lbs
Cockerel: 7 1/2 lbs
Primary PurposeEgg production and pet
Secondary PurposeMeat production
Lifespan8 years on average
VarietiesSingle Comb, Rose Comb
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