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What Age Do Rhode Island Red Roosters Start To Crow?

rhode island red rooster

When Do Rhode Island Red Roosters Start To Crow?

Rhode Island Red roosters typically begin crowing by around 16 weeks of age.

Every rooster is an individual

Like growing children, young chickens must develop at their own pace. If your birds seem to mature early or late, it’s probably no cause for concern. As your straight run flock approaches its fourth month, you’ll likely begin to see signs indicating which birds are hens or roosters. 

Roosters may start to crow at this time (but don’t be surprised if young hens imitate the roosters at first). Roosters may also have brighter, longer, and thicker legs than hens. Some people observe that hens’ tail feathers begin to curve upward while roosters’ tails get longer and curl downward.

Check your local laws

If you’re keeping roosters, and you live in a township, neighborhood, or other local geographic location with livestock restrictions, remember to read the laws thoroughly before keeping roosters. Many hobby farmers must part with their birds after learning the hard way that they are not allowed.

Dealing with noise complaints

Even if roosters are allowed, your young roosters may annoy the neighbors. Be prepared to deal with upset neighbors or noise complaints from law enforcement. If you’ve already checked the local laws, you’ll be ready to make peace.

Keep in mind that you’ll probably have the same rural neighbors far longer than any individual bird, so if there’s an especially loud or early-crowing individual, you may need to rehome him or learn to fit him for an anti-crow collar.


If your rooster hasn’t begun crowing, try to have patience with him. He’ll grow up in good time. You can also consult a veterinarian if you feel there may be something wrong with any of your birds, but late or early maturity is usually no cause for concern in chickens. Of course, you may wait and wait, only to learn you have another hen, and not a rooster at all!

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