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Man Raises Pet Chicken To Walk On a Leash Like a Dog

chicken walking on leash

Sometime last year, a man decided to try hatching chicken eggs in an incubator. It was his first time trying to hatch eggs. And if you’ve ever tried to incubate chicken eggs, the first few times can be nerve wrecking.

As the weeks went by, he noticed that some of the eggs were either not fertilized or were going bad, so he had to throw them out. So as time went by, there were fewer and fewer eggs in the incubator until there were only two eggs left. Now the question was whether or not these two eggs were viable and if they’d make it the entire time.

chick hatching from egg
Image (Screenshot)/Video Source: Petit World/YouTube

Finally, the day came when it was time for the eggs to hatch. Even though both eggs showed signs of a live chick inside, by the end of the day, only one had survived and successfully hatched from the egg. It’s unclear what happened to the other egg, but according to veterinarians, it is common for chicks to die from dehydration 1/4 to 1/2 way through the hatching process. It’s likely this is what happened to the second chick.

new baby chick
Image (Screenshot)/Video Source: Petit World/YouTube

As a pet owner, it would be easy to get down on yourself for only having one egg hatch out of 16. But in the end this new chicken owner couldn’t have been more happy to have this new baby chick as a part of his life. Instead of getting down on himself and giving up on his hopes of raising an entire flock of chickens, he decided to go all in take good care of this new baby chick.

adult sized hen
Image (Screenshot)/Video Source: Petit World/YouTube

In order to keep Mile healthy, (the name he had given the chick) the man would introduce all different types of food to her. He himself would forage in the garden in search of worms and other insects…All things that Mile would enjoy! He would bring the bugs and worms inside and let Mile practice picking at them. He also fed Mile mealworms, which make great treats for chickens. Mealworms are also incredibly easy to grow yourself.

Before too long, Mile was old enough to safely go outside and play…finally!

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chicken perched on mans hand
Image (Screenshot)/Video Source: Petit World/YouTube

The months passed and before too long, Mile had grown up into a full sized hen. And Mile had spent so much one-on-one time with the man that had raised her, that she had become a very tame pet. So much so that the man could put a leash on Mile and take her for walks around the city! Eventually, Mile became so tame and so used to her walks, that she soon didn’t even need to have a leash to explore the city with her owner.

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