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These Kittens Befriend and Play With Baby Chicks (WARNING: Eyebleach 😍)

kittens playing with baby chick

I’ve raised a lot of chicks over the years, and yes, I’ve always thought that newborn chicks are cute. Sometimes they’re just a little too cute to handle. But when you throw baby kittens into the mix, it might literally be too much to handle.

Image (Screenshot)/Video Source: Teddy Kittens/YouTube

On our property, we’ve always had cats and chickens around eachother. Sometimes they become friends, and other times the temperament of either the cat, the chicken or both just don’t go well together. That’s what prompted me to put together an article about how to keep cats away from the chicken coop. Yes, some cats can be aggressive, but the truth is, most are not. And most cats in my experience will take a very keen interest, and even become friends with chickens. Sometimes even acting as if they’re a part of the flock. It really is pretty fun to watch.

But what about when they’re really young? Like these kittens and baby chicks. Do chicks and kittens get along okay? I think after watching these kittens and chicks play together answers that question…just beware…this is pure, unadulterated eyebleach. 😍

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