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Chicken Spa Day – How bad could it be?

chicken spa day
image: Simply Franee/Youtube

Watch as chicken owner and Youtuber Franee from “Simply Franee” brings you into her world of creativity and fun! In this video, join Franee on an adventure as she masterminds a playful barnyard spa day with her feathered friends.

If you’ve been considering treating your chickens to a spa day then you’ll want to see these surprises and mischief that only pet chickens can deliver.

Watch the video here:

Feather Freshening and Fowl Pampering

At the chicken spa, each feathered guest is treated to a luxurious warm bath using Dawn dish soap, ensuring that any unpleasantness is washed away without harm. To support their overall well-being, their drinking water is infused with essential nutrients. Meanwhile, a feast awaits them, a gourmet selection of cracked corn, worms, clovers, and grit, enticing enough to distract even the fussiest of birds.

Post-bath, a dedicated rinsing area allows for any soap suds’ removal, followed by a comforting rub-down with fluffy towels. For those fowls requiring a little extra fluff, a blow dryer is on hand, promising a glorious poof to any damp feathers. Their grooming kit includes clippers and a comb for that polished look.

In light of illness season, a precautionary measure is the application of a special balm under each wing and beak. It doesn’t stop there; even the chickens’ waffles and feet receive an ample dose of Vaseline, ensuring these stars are ready for their close-up.

As the day winds down, the pampered poultry settle into a pen to bask in the sunshine, replacing their warmth and drying off. The transformation is notable—the birds emerge fluffy, white, and astonishingly clean, ready to strut their stuff in the yard.

The early hours of the following day reveal the true magic of the spa treatments. It’s a sight to behold: a flock of chickens that could grace any magazine cover, their cleanliness and vitality impossible to miss. The spirited endeavor now seems worth every peck and squawk, leaving no doubt that these chickens are living their best lives.

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