How Long Can Chickens Go Without Water (How Much Do They Need?)

chicken standing next to water stream

How Long Can Chickens Go Without Water: How Much Water Do Chickens Need? Owning chickens is a big job, and requires a lot of time and attention. If you are planning or have just started with your own coop, you might be concerned about what happens if you need to leave home for a day […]

Will Skunks Eat Chickens (And Do They Eat Chicken Eggs?)

skunk in chicken pen

Will Skunks Eat Chickens (And Do They Eat Chicken Eggs?) Do Skunks Eat Chickens? Skunks love to eat many things, including insects, grubs, and berries. However,  skunks also like to eat meat. And chickens are no exception to what a skunk will kill or eat. However, eating chickens is not a skunks first choice.  If […]

Help! This Egg Has A Very Thin Shell! (Soft Shell Chicken Eggs)

What Does It Mean When A Chicken Lays A Soft Shell Egg? When Your “Crack” Is a “Splat”   It was a fine warm morning in July when I was ambushed by one of my many brothers.  On my way back from gathering eggs, he crouched in wait in the hayloft. As I passed unawares […]

How Often Do Chickens Molt? (Ultimate Guide To Chicken Molting)

chicken with brown feathers molting on its wing

How Often Do Chickens Molt? (And How Long Do They Molt For?)   Why Are My Chickens Naked? You walk down to the coop to do chores, open the door, and see feathers everywhere! Your first suspicion is that critters got in and massacred your flock in the night, but upon further inspection all the […]

Do Chickens Really Sneeze? (Achoo!)

do chickens sneeze

Do Chickens Really Sneeze? When the subjects of chickens and sneezing are first brought up, most people’s first reaction is to say “Wait, that’s actually a thing that happens?!” I know it sounds a bit bizarre to think about something with a hard beak instead of a nose sneezing, but it’s actually a common concern […]