5 Best Chicken Feed For Egg Layers (Organic, Non-GMO & Natural Options)

chicken feed for egg layers

Egg laying hens need a diet specifically for their needs. The chicken needs enough nutrition to meet all her own dietary needs and remain healthy, as well as extra nutrition to produce healthy eggs. Layer feed should be formulated to keep the chicken healthy, and often has added ingredients specifically to enhance the quality of […]

How To Keep Cats Away From Chickens (Will Cats Kill Chickens?)

cats and chickens living together

Cats and Chickens Problems It might make sense to think that cats would pester your flock of chickens. Cats love hunting birds, and chickens are birds. Fortunately, cats tend to go after animals that don’t pose a threat. This means that cats will tend to go after small birds, rats, mice, and occasionally other pets […]

Understanding Chicken Behavior (How To Read Chicken Body Language)

how to read chicken body language

Whenever I would goof up as a kid I remember my brother telling me “you’re as dumb as a chicken in a box sometimes.” The implication here is that chickens are stupid, simple creatures. Many of us believe chickens are straight-forward animals with limited ability to think. They are quite different, we assume, from more […]

How To Compost Chicken Manure (And Use It In The Garden)

How to make compost from chicken manure

Chicken Poop. How To Make Manure To Use In Your Garden As chicken owners we look forward to charming scenes of gathering eggs, feeding our flocks their favorite treats and hearing their excited “cluck, cluck, cluck!” as we approach the coop. What we do not appreciate however, is this unwanted, yet ever present problem: piles […]

The Chicken Pecking Order (A Guide To Chicken Flock Hierarchy)

chicken pecking order rooster and hen

Bullies of The Chicken Yard Have you ever seen the classic holiday film “A Christmas Story?” If not, it’s a must watch that I highly recommend. The movie is about a group of ragtag little boys in the midwest trying to navigate the troubles of the school yard and get their fantasy Christmas presents at […]

Advantages (And Disadvantages) Of Free Range Chicken Farming

free range chicken benefits

Advantages (And Disadvantages) Of Free Range Chicken Farming I have many charming memories of my grandparents’ farm. Growing up, I remember huge flocks of chickens, of all different colors and varieties, happily pecking at gravel in the driveway. For water they’d tootle over to the pond, where they could drink freely before going and exploring […]

Top 5 Hawk Deterrents For Chickens | How To Protect Your Flock!

brown hawk with black beak

Top 5 Hawk Deterrents For Chickens (Protect Your Flock From Predators!) Catching Red-tailed Hawk Predator Bird Mouse Imagine this: your chickens are outside, doing their chicken thing. They happily peck at grass, bugs, and feed until suddenly disaster strikes. In swoops a hawk, attacking one of the chickens or carrying off a pullet in its […]

Can You Stop Chickens From Pecking Each Other With Vinegar?

stopping chickens pecking eachother with apple cider vinegar

Can You Stop Chickens From Pecking Each Other With Vinegar? Apple cider vinegar is one of those superfoods that we hear about all the time. We hear about it in the news, online, and from friends. If you know some folks who have chickens, they’ve probably also touted the benefits of the stuff for chicken […]

What Does Apple Cider Vinegar Do For Chickens (5 Uses For It)

apple cider vinegar for chickens

What Does Apple Cider Vinegar Do For Chickens (5 Uses For It Around The Coop) When you’re caring for your chickens, it can be nerve wracking to use products that have mysterious ingredients. There are not nearly as many cleaning supplies on the market that advertise safety for chickens as for pets like dogs and […]

Can Rabbits And Chickens Live Together?

baby rabbit held in a human hand

Can Rabbits And Chickens Live Together? If you have a small space to raise animals, chickens and rabbits might seem like the perfect match. After all, a chicken run seems like a great space for a bunny to hop around to its heart’s delight. Any time two animals share a space though, it’s important to […]