Raising Rhode Island Red Chickens For Meat (Step-By-Step)

raising rhode island red chickens for meat

Rhode Island Red chickens are one of, if not the most popular breed of chicken for breeding, egg farming, and for meat. If you’re interested in raising Rhode Island Red chickens for meat, you’ve made a great choice. Rhode Island Reds are known for their even temperament, which can be especially important if you’re planning […]

Keep Chicken’s Water From Freezing This Winter (With and Without Electricity)

how to keep chicken water from freezing in winter

If you are raising chickens, you know the importance of providing your flock with a clean and fresh source of water. What you may not realize is just how essential water is to your flock’s health. The need for water increases during the hot summer months. In the winter, a chicken’s intake will decrease, but […]

How To Get Your Chickens to Like You (And Tame Them)

how to tame a pet chicken

How To Get Your Chickens to Like You As a backyard chicken raiser, owning chickens you can’t catch easily can be problematic. There are many instances where you need to pick up your chickens, wing clipping if you don’t want them to fly over the garden fence, applying medication, dusting for mites, checking their weight, […]

How To Help Keep Chickens Laying Eggs In Winter

egg laying hen in winter

According to the chicken experts at Silver Lake Farms chickens can stop laying eggs for a variety of reasons such as stress, lack of nutrition, insufficient light, old age, or because they are molting. It’s also completely normal for chickens to stop laying eggs in winter. Why Chickens Stop Laying During The Winter The biggest […]

How Long Do Roosters Live (Tips For Increasing Rooster Longevity)

how long do roosters live for

How Long do Roosters Live? One of the most common questions I hear from readers is about the lifespan of their egg laying hens. What’s interesting is that I don’t get asked very often how long roosters live or what a roosters lifespan is.  Since roosters are an important part of your backyard flock, it’s […]

Do Backyard Chickens Attract Rats and Other Rodents?

If you’re entertaining the idea of raising a few backyard chickens, there’s a good chance you’re concerned about them attracting rats, mice and other rodents. But do backyard chickens attract rats? Fact is, I’ve found that backyard chickens themselves don’t attract rats. What attracts rats, mice and other vermin is the chicken feed and other […]

How to Clip a Chicken’s Flight Feathers (Easily and Safely)

Lisa lived in a development and had a large, fenced-in backyard for her chickens to free-range during the day. The wooden fence between her and her neighbor’s yard was 6 feet tall. Everything was going great until one day, one of Lisa’s chickens decided to explore the other side of the fence. Chickens, depending on […]

How To Hatch Eggs With A Broody Hen (Tips and Advice)

Tips For Hatching Eggs With A Broody Hen Certain varieties of hens become broody quite easily while others may take a bit of prompting to get into the broody kind of mood. Hatching your very own baby chicks is delightful and extremely rewarding, not to mention very economic. You know just what breed of chicken […]

How To Stop A Hen From Being Broody (6 Tips to Break the Cycle )

tips for stopping a broody hen

Have you ever noticed how grass will grow in all the places you don’t want it and how you have to go to great pains to get it to grow in places you do want it, like your lawn?  Well, broody chickens are very similar. They go broody at all the wrong times and when […]

Chicken Coop Necessities | What To Put In a Chicken Coop

what to put in a chicken coop

With so much stress being placed on eating right and finding organic food and free-range eggs, it makes perfect sense to raise chickens in your backyard. There is no greater joy than collecting fresh eggs produced by your very own chickens. To “raise them right” you need to keep your chickens safe, comfortable, and happy. […]