The Best Treadle Chicken Feeders (Reviews and Buyer’s Guide)

older white hen

Treadle feeders are a great way to not only protect chicken feed from pests, like rodents and raccoons, but they’re also a great way to automate your chicken feeding chores. In this post, we’re going to take a close look at 3 of the best treadle chicken feeders you can get a hold of for […]

Can Chickens Eat Pumpkin? (A Healthy Source of Vitamins and Minerals)

can chickens eat pumpkin

Have you ever been to a zoo in the fall? If so, you will see almost every animal cage with a pumpkin or two. From foxes to badgers, bears, and bobcats, everyone gets a pumpkin. Farmers markets, stores, and households look to unload their pumpkins at the end of the season, and a great way […]

Best Chicken Feeder to Prevent Waste (Reviews and Buyers Guide)

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Chicken feeders are handy tools for small and large scale chicken farmers to feed their chickens with far less involvement. A feeder is also suitable for small flock chicken herders who love to have fresh eggs readily at hand. For this, you need a sturdily built chicken feeder that will not make a mess or […]

Can Chickens Eat Onions? (Answer Backed By Research)

can chickens eat onion

It’s only natural to wonder if your chickens are safe to eat a certain type of food. We want the best for our flock. And the same holds true when it comes to feeding chickens onions. Fact is, yes, chickens can eat onions. And here’s exactly why I say that, all backed by research. Is […]

Can Chickens Eat Grapes? (Everything You Need To Know)

can chickens eat grapes

Even though chickens are known for eating anything you throw into the coop, and what to feed them is mostly common sense, every once in a while, you may come across a food that raises a few questions. Perhaps you have heard of an old wives’ tale foreboding death if you feed your chickens this […]

Feeding Oyster Shells To Your Chickens (Ultimate Guide)

oyster shell for chickens

In this article we go over in detail the reason why or why not you may want to feed oyster shells to your chickens. We discuss why chickens need certain supplements and what the best oyster shells for chickens are.     Ultimate Guide To Feeding Oyster Shells To Your Chickens Did you know that a chicken’s […]

Can Chickens Eat Dog Food (Is It Safe For Them?)

dog watching flock of chickens

In this article we take a look at whether or not it’s okay for chickens to eat dog food? If you’ve got dogs as well as free ranging chickens, you’ve probably seen the chickens attack the bowl of dog food. But is it safe for chickens to eat dog food?  Can Chickens Eat Dog Food? […]

Best Chicken Feed for Broilers and Meat Birds (Plus Feed Buyers Guide)

best chicken feed for broiler meat birds

If you are raising chickens for meat, it’s important to give them high-quality food for fast, healthy growth and balanced muscle development. The higher the quality of your feed, the better the quality of the chicken meat, and knowing exactly what you are feeding your birds means you know exactly what you are feeding your […]

10 Different Types Of Chicken Feed (Ultimate Guide For Chicken Owners)

different types of chicken feed

There’s a lot of different types of chickens you can raise, and they each have their peculiar traits and dietary needs. Caring for an egg-laying hen is probably going to be a different experience than raising a broiler. There’s also chicken breeds that grow faster and some that grow slower, and there are some that […]

Can Chickens Eat Avacado? (How To Safely Feed Avocado To Your Chickens )

can chickens eat avacado

How To Safely Feed Avocado To Your Chickens It can be hard to know when it’s time to pull the trigger and buy some new chicks to raise on your own. Chickens have special dietary needs that must be taken into account in order to raise a healthy flock. You may be wondering which foods […]