Best Chicken Feed for Broilers and Meat Birds (Plus Feed Buyers Guide)

best chicken feed for broiler meat birds

If you are raising chickens for meat, it’s important to give them high-quality food for fast, healthy growth and balanced muscle development. The higher the quality of your feed, the better the quality of the chicken meat, and knowing exactly what you are feeding your birds means you know exactly what you are feeding your […]

10 Different Types Of Chicken Feed (Ultimate Guide For Chicken Owners)

different types of chicken feed

There’s a lot of different types of chickens you can raise, and they each have their peculiar traits and dietary needs. Caring for an egg-laying hen is probably going to be a different experience than raising a broiler. There’s also chicken breeds that grow faster and some that grow slower, and there are some that […]

Can Chickens Eat Avacado? (How To Safely Feed Avocado To Your Chickens )

can chickens eat avacado

How To Safely Feed Avocado To Your Chickens It can be hard to know when it’s time to pull the trigger and buy some new chicks to raise on your own. Chickens have special dietary needs that must be taken into account in order to raise a healthy flock. You may be wondering which foods […]

How To Grow Mealworms For Chickens! (Raising Mealworms At Home)

grow your own mealworms

Can someone please explain why chicken treats are so expensive? While I was at the feed store a couple weeks ago I thought it would be nice to bring the girls a little surprise. While perusing the treat aisle I noticed that most of the offerings were empty calories, and the one brand that had […]

Can Chickens Eat Mango? (And Its Benefits!)

mango on a plate for chickens to eat

While I was studying abroad in El Salvador, I was assigned to work with a women’s entrepreneurship group. The idea was that by empowering women and teaching them about how to grow a business they would be more empowered to lift their families out of poverty.  The woman I advised had a fabulous idea. She […]

How Much To Feed Chickens Per Day (How Much Do Chickens Eat?)

barred rock chicken pecking feed off ground

How Much Feed Does A Chicken Eat?(Plus How Much To Feed Chickens Per Day) When starting a flock of chickens, it can be tough to tell how much feed you should stock. Most folks that have chickens in their backyard don’t have an enormous flock to sell poultry or eggs, which means that saving money […]

Can Chickens Eat Pickles? (This Is Why)

are pickles safe for chickens article

Can Chickens Eat Pickles? Knowing What Chickens Can And Can’t Eat The thing that I really like about having a small flock of backyard chickens is that they’ll eat just about everything I throw over the fence to them. But just because they’ll eat something, doesn’t mean that I should be feeding it to them. […]

Can Chickens Have Strawberries? (You Might Be Surprised!)

strawberries are safe for chickens to eat

Can Chickens Have Strawberries? Chickens love eating fruits and vegetables, and strawberries are no exception. As a matter of fact, here in Oregon, my chickens forage on our leftover strawberries all the time. The house I moved into had a nice sized strawberry patch before my small flock of hungry hens had their way with […]