What Animal Kills Chickens Without Eating Them?

raccoon in chicken coop

What Animal Kills Chickens Without Eating Them? Chicken is the favorite meal for almost every carnivore. Chickens trapped in coops during the night and running around the yard during the day are a predator’s preferred dish. They’re easy to catch and don’t fight back. And after one is caught, and they get a taste for […]

Can You Hatch A Store Bought Egg? (Everything You Need To Know)

chick hatching from store bought egg

Can You Hatch A Store Bought Egg? If you’re hoping to bring a dozen eggs home from the supermarket and hatch some baby chicks, I’m sorry to tell you that it’s probably not going to happen. There have been some very rare instances where people picked up fresh eggs at a store and managed to […]

How to Keep Snakes Out of Chicken Coops (5 Tips!)

The last thing in the world you want to experience is reaching your hand into a dark nest to retrieve your breakfast and encountering a slimy, slithering snake with a belly full of your eggs.  It does happen quite frequently. You get complacent about collecting eggs, it’s a routine process. Snakes are part of nature […]

The Plymouth Rock Chicken Breed | Ultimate Guide

plymouth barred rock chicken breed

Plymouth Rock Breed: Facts, Questions, Answers and More Plymouth Rock is one of the oldest chicken breeds in America. They top the list of excellent dual-purpose poultry breeds. They have excellent table quality meat and are prolific layers. Their claim to fame came about when they were encouraged by the Government in World War 2 […]

How To Stop a Dog From Killing Chickens (7 Actionable Tips)

dog chasing chicken

How to Stop a Dog from Killing Chickens Raising chickens is extremely rewarding. First-time chicken farmers tackle the hobby with vigor and enthusiasm not anticipating some of the unforeseen problems. An extremely unfortunate experience for some chicken owners is when they send the flock merrily on their way to free-range only to have their chickens […]

How To Keep Chickens Off The Porch (And Out Of The Garden)

how to keep chickens off porch

How To Keep Chickens Off The Porch And Out Of The Garden (Tips and Tricks) Keeping free-range chickens is arguably one of the best aspects of backyard farming. The chickens are happy, healthy, and provide loads of entertainment as they flock excitedly from one end of the property to the other hunting bugs and grubs. […]

How Many Nesting Boxes Per Chicken (A Guide To Nesting Boxes)

how many chickens per nesting box

How Many Nesting Boxes Per Chicken While there is no set formula for how many nesting boxes you need, it will depend on the size and breed of your chickens. With that said, the average consensus for large birds is that the best number of nesting boxes you need is one box for every 3 […]

Buff Orpington Chicken Breed (Everything You Could Ever Want to Know)

buff orpington chicken

Buff Orpington Breed: Facts, Questions, Answers and More Originating in Orpington, Kent in the United Kingdom, the Buff Orpington is a dual-purpose breed renowned for its outstanding egg production and excellent table quality. They are plump and happy-go-lucky, the epitome of an English barnyard hen. While there are several varieties of Orpington, the Buff are […]

The Cost To Raise Chickens (For Eggs and Meat)

how much cost to raise chickens for eggs and meat

The Cost To Raise Chickens (For Eggs and Meat) Whenever you begin a new hobby or venture, there’s always a lot of questions that come with it. The same is definitely true when it comes to wanting to raise chickens. One question that most people ask before setting out to raise chickens is how much […]

How to Tell if Chickens Have Worms (And Treat Them Naturally)

rooster and hens on roost

How to Tell if Chickens Have Worms All farm animals, including chickens, are capable of hosting a variety of parasites, including worms. Worming should be considered one of the aspects of caring for your chickens’ basic health needs. If not prevented and treated, worms can be harmful to the health of your flock.  In this […]